Angèle Moraiz + Paul Mougeot

Angèle Moraiz and Paul Mougeot are two Paris based photographers.

In June 2020 the created the AM+PM duo, meeting point of their respective artistic practices. They create images where the objects coexist without hierarchy. By dissociating them from any context, by reducing them to the sole expression of their shapes and colors, they pursue to reveal their pictorial essence. Inspired by the screen printing process in painting the photographers harness the textured finish generated by the pointillist dithering of digital printing. The object, thus analyzed in a serial, sometimes systematic process, tends towards abstraction striving to induce a contemplative dimension.

Clients include Louis Vuitton, Dior, Acne Studio, Versace, Kenzo Burberry, V Magazine, La Prairie, Vanity Fair U.S, Make up forever Rimowa, Wallpaper, On Running...

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